Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advocates for Betty mobilize for our friend

This blog is about grassroots advocacy and usually I write about issues, strategies and news I hope readers will use. This is no exception. I hope some of you will act on this. I want to help my hairdresser take time off to treat new cancer without the worry of losing that income for her family. She is self-employed and also insured.

Betty is pretty uncomfortable with this, I admit. Last time I was in her chair she told me what she was facing and how she hoped for the best. I asked then if she had clients who were famous - thinking how to arrange a benefit if her tests had sad results. While she was quick to deflect the question, I know a lot of people know Betty Eskew. She owned Hairvoyant on White Bridge Road for about a decade & now styles hair at The Ritz in Stanford Square for the past few years. I'm thinking a lot of people who are clients, worked with her or know her want to help.

A lot of people know her husband, Jim Eskew, too. In recent years he was the voice of Traffic & Weather on many radio stations and before then was a local radio rock jock. We worked together at WLAC in the 80's before I discovered his wife and her talents. Now retired, he and Betty have raised their family and are raising some grandchildren. I've known Betty & Jim Eskew for close to 30 years I'm amazed to say. She knew me when I wore an asymmetrical cut & shoulder pads.

I always say Betty is on my Team - people who I go to for advice and support when I'm spiritually stuggling or contemplating change.  For years Betty told me what color and hairdo was best for campaigning, corporate climbing and for bridging from carpool to Metro Council. She tells me when I look weary or Hot. (I hear my kids groan here. OK. Moms don't look Hot.)

We all need a friend like Betty.
Live-tweeting my haircut during short hair season, I showed Betty the basics of social media.
Betty can mobilize one of the greatest grassroots networks ever when she wants to, too.  Hairdressers have the ear of the city, and while they clip, they quip. They talk about current events, what she likes and doesn't like. She is a major grassroots Influencer.  But that's not what makes her special. What makes her special is the way she makes everyone around her feel special. She takes care of all her clients, her family (extended all ways) and countless others, too.

Now we'd like to help take care of Betty.  If you want to help, or spread the word, please do.  If people donate the cost of one cut or color, that will give Betty a chance to stay off her feet and recover. The prognosis is good. Now in her throat and neck, the cancer's origin still must be found & a treatment must begin.  While doctors do their part, this grassroots network wants to kick in too. We're advocating for Betty during this holiday season. You can too by sending a contribution to:
Betty Eskew at 1714 Saxony Court, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

or depositing a gift to her SunTrust account. Email me for account number if necessary.

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